Foreign Tax Credits and Incentives

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Many countries offer sizable tax breaks and credits to foreign businesses. With the right guidance, your business can take advantage of amazing tax benefits and Edwards Ingram CPAs will show you the way. As an experienced international tax CPA firm, we'll  explain which tax incentives you’re eligible for in the countries you conduct business in and how to position your operations to qualify for the biggest credits they offer.

For foreign businesses operating in the United States, claiming the best tax breaks can be tricky. The U.S. places limitations on using foreign tax credits, often making it difficult for corporations to claim them. This can result in an increase in the effective tax rate a corporation is required to pay. When we become your trusted tax advisor, we'll make sure you claim as many foreign tax credits as allowed by law. We're highly experience in international tax planning and know how to leverage the U.S. tax code to your advantage.

Find out how we can help you maximize foreign tax credits and incentives for your global operations. Contact us now at 917-426-8864 or request a free consultation now to get started.

Foreign tax credit planning:

  • Avoiding double taxation issues
  • Explaining the pros and cons of claiming foreign tax credits
  • Showing businesses how to claim foreign tax credits each year
  • Determining exclusions and maximum allowable tax credits by country
  • Carryback or carry forward of foreign tax credits

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